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The Work of Mel Hohn

2017-02-11 22:22:26 by pickletoez

At the end of 2016 I decided to stop making fan art and create originals exclusively. It's so far been amazing! Watercolour paintings are new to me but I love the medium - that's what I've been working on lately. I'm freelance now as well so I'm working on creating a professional portfolio. The upcoming months are going to be full of conventions, markets, painting, and more. 


It's the best decision I've ever made. Sure, at the moment it's not the best financially, but I know that if I can make it til the con season starts I'll be A-OK! :)

 I know I don't upload to NG too often but I wanted to say thank you for loving my work and supporting me since 2009! I've recently launched a Patreon for myself and if you are interested, please check it out and consider supporting me in a way that truly counts. For less than three coffees a month you can get access to NSFW posts and more. Here's the link, and thanks again! https://www.patreon.com/pickletoez

New Colouring Book!

2016-11-29 19:01:23 by pickletoez


I've finally found a balance of work and hobbies, so I've been drawing more lately! Look forward to seeing some new shit from me. I'm also open for commissions - if you were interested please message me on FB :)

I have a new colouring book! 26 pages of goddesses and mythological women from all over the world. It features a lot of body diversity as well - not just thin/plus, but skin conditions, cancer survivors, scars. With this book I'm aiming to show kids that every body is beautiful, not an in-your-face way but a more subtler touch. None of the disabilities or qualities are 'showcased,' they are a part of the goddess and they look more beautiful because of it.

Grab it here for $20 CAD before Dec. 5th and it's guaranteed to be yours by Christmas!


March-Aug Update

2016-08-02 12:20:07 by pickletoez

Hey guys! Since my last post in March I've done a lot of stuff! I know most of you will be crushed, but I got married! NBD. I need more excuses to wear giant princess dresses cos I looked so hot. Here's a shot of me & the lucky man, plus one of my favorite bridesmaids. ;)



My colouring book was printed in April! I am STILL super proud of it, so please take a look at it on my Etsy and consider purchasing it for yourself or a friend ♥ 



The whole month of July has been tedius prepwork for the rest of the year- the conventions I have left, the markets I'm about to be in, and future projects. August looks like a steady stream of work for me and I'm looking forward to it. 

I might be working on a comic (or a series of little comics) so I'll keep NG in the loop with that too! :)

Hey guys! I'm about to publish a colouring book - it's all about Monster Girls! For the month of March I drew a new girl daily, and now that it's complete I can show you some preview images! 

I'll be selling these in person at my next comic cons as well as my Etsy site in two weeks! I'm incredibly excited for this book. :) It's got a lot of body acceptance as well, there's a chubby mermaid with a mastectomy and an amputee.



2016-02-19 01:59:56 by pickletoez

So here's a new post to cover the old post from me returning last year.

2015 was an amazing year- if you don't follow me on any other social media, I graduated from my graphic design/printing program, got engaged, became a knitting instructor, bought a house, yadda yadda.

2016's gonna have way more art, way more products, and way more adventures B)

Here's some cute little cuddlepoofs.


THE PRODIGAL DAUGHTER (Mel is back from the grave)

2015-01-28 12:35:50 by pickletoez

So a couple people were being whiny and wanted me to update! Currently I'm in school, so there hasn't been a lot of activity on sites that I'm not already addicted to. Sorry!

This year the plan is to continue selling art, stickers, and prints. In fact, this year is all about refacing myself. I'm removing ponies (sorry), introducing my own style as opposed to mimicking the official stuff, and upgrading the quality of my stickers.

I am also preparing to print a completed sketchbook. I plan on raising funds through conventions. I don't have a lot of time to devote to this right now because I want to focus on school, but once I get to sit down and think more about it, I'll know if I want to go online or not. Exploding Cats received over a million dollars within two days of their Kickstarter, so it's possible, I guess, but I don't have the same amount of popularity as Matthew Inman does...

Anyway, besides that: I'm engaged! I visited my best friend during the summer which was awesome, and when I flew home he took me for a picnic and proposed by the water! We're planning a 2016 wedding. We moved into our house before Christmas, and it's awesome. We also got another cat, named Pengu. Here's a picture of my two bubs:


Most recent stickers. Wanna buy em? ;)

I'll be adding more art later, like I was planning to before you guys started BADGERING me, since I'm nearly finished my sketchbook. (Patience is a virtue..)

Sabtastic and I are going to the Edmonton Expo on October 20th and 21st. We're gonna be selling our prints, buttons, and stickers! Yaaay! I've been working daily on getting art projects done - shoe commissions, prize art, actual art designs, etc. It's really draining me, honestly. I can't take much more.

I have been celebrating joblessness since my contract ended at the summer camp and I returned from Ontario. I think I've been jobless a whole month now, wee! All of the money I make from my future job will go to saving up for school next year. And I MEAN it-- I always say I'm going to save my money but somehow I never do. I saved up a shitload for my super fun vacation, but saving for a boring thing like school is really hard. Luckily my boyfriend makes school sound somewhat fun, so hopefully I won't have much trouble.

Anyway if you guys want my shitty sketchbook sketch updates, go to my Tumblr.

Makin' Shoes and Expos & Cons!

Hey der.

2012-06-14 19:11:22 by pickletoez

Long time no see, eh? Well, for the time being, I'm jobless and therefore have no excuse to not be drawing.

For the first week of being jobless, I've been playing on the server I help out on, called "Dreamcraft.org." It's pretty fricken sweet. That week however proved to be tiring, seeing all the 12 year old drama queens screaming and begging for free teleports made me want to pull my hair out. I realised that I'm not getting paid for this, so what point was there in being on all day?

So this week I've been doing things other than play games. I've been drawing, I suntanned (and got burned), I've been going out, etc.

Next friday I start my job as Housekeeping Manager at a summer camp. I'll be cleaning and doing laundry and stuff. :) I can't wait.

Anyway look forward to more posts from me. Hopefully when I get back into the daily grind it doesn't affect my photoshop time.

Hey der.

Drawing Little By Little

2011-11-09 03:20:53 by pickletoez

I have been feeding my addiction to Minecraft rather than drawing anything other than work doodles, so I'm sorry to say that I don't have much to bring to the NG table. The few drawings I do are on paper, so they aren't easy to scan and submit here. I do check this site often now, and I'll hopefully be getting a level 10 in a week or so!

Here's a tiny update in my life: My adorable cat Luna escaped through the screen door at the end of August. I fully blame it on my landlord. She said that she'd fix the screen within a week because she had maintainence 'round the clock. Since August was a hot month, we had the glass door open often. My cat found a weak spot in the frame and popped through it. While posting Lost posters, a woman said she had a gray kitten that she couldn't keep, so we brought it home and named it Toshiba. He's a little shitter, but he's my new baby, so it's okay.

Not two weeks ago, my boyfriend broke up with me. It's hard to really define the line where we stopped dating, because he's still living with me, and when I talk about him, I still sometimes call him my boyfriend. For a couple days I was really depressed but my friends and family helped me pull through. On the 1st of December, he's moving out, and I'm moving across the hallway, where Sabtastic and her boyfriend will be moving in. We're definitely still staying friends.

So yeah.. Oh, here's something I did a couple years ago for school.
And here's something I forced myself to start a while ago, based off a cool kickass dream I had.
And here's an update of what I look like.

And here's little Toshiba.

Drawing Little By Little

Well this is awkward

2011-08-17 04:24:03 by pickletoez

Oh, hey there, guys.

I apologise, it's been so long. Let me bring you up-to-date on everything that's happened recently in my life.

Moved out successfully - got a cat, too. Luna. Cutest little furball ever. Pees on all my boyfriend's clothes. I take her out on walks occasionally and people give me the weirdest looks.

I dyed my hair blue. I was tired of being boring. Now more people talk to me than ever and I always get random comments. For people who have self-esteem issues, I recommend dying your hair a crazy bright colour. :)

I'm still working at the Bubble Tea shop, and it's great. They're like my second family, and I'm starting to pick up Vietnamese. (That'll teach them not to talk behind my back, hehe.)

I bought a surplus of canvas shoes and painted them to sell them - I've made so much money off them :') I only have a half dozen pairs left and the store that I bought the shoes at no longer has a sale on them, so I can't buy any more anytime soon. :c Here's some examples: One, Two, and Three.

I've been drawing a lot more in my sketchbook (or pieces of paper) than I have digitally - that's why I haven't submitted anything here in a long time. :c I usually only post the 'worthy pieces' here anyway, so NG only gets 1/5th of my art. :/

Well, that's about it! I hope to be more active on here from now on! :)

Well this is awkward